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Welcome to Columbus Cancer Care

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, a million different questions run through your head. You wonder what kind of treatments you will need, how long your treatments will be and, most importantly, whether you will be cured. With so many things to worry about, a long daily drive to radiation therapy is not another concern you need.

At Columbus Cancer Care, we strive to relieve some of your worries so that you can focus on your health. We’re located right here in Columbus, NE, close to home and all the people you love. 



"Being diagnosed with cancer is not the easiest road to travel — you have to stay positive and make the decision to fight. Dr. Keit and the team at Columbus Cancer Care have been outstanding throughout my cancer journey. They have guided me every step of the way and reminded me to keep looking forward to the future, and not to look back."

Cancer patient

Connie Sebourn