TomoTherapy® is an advanced and versatile cancer treatment system that provides the ability to locate tumors prior to each treatment via a CT Scan; deliver precise treatment with rotating "beamlets" (like pixels of a camera the more pixels the more accurate and clear the picture is) to large or small tumors, multiple or single, while minimizing radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue. TomoTherapy® uses X-Rays to damage cancer cells with the goal slowing or stopping tumor growth, decreasing tumor size and minimizing radiation to the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. Healthy cells are able to handle radiation in small doses repairing themselves between treatments. While the build up of the daily radiation treatments have a small effect on healthy tissue, it damages the cancers cells DNA and the ability of the cell to produce more cancer cells.


Benefits of TomoTherapy®

  • Physician can make daily adjustments to the size, shape and intensity of radiation based on the daily CT Scan images

  • Provides 3-D imaging of patients in their treatment position, allowing clinicians to see anatomy as it is, as opposed to how it should be, allowing for verification of tumor position prior to each treatment

  • Allows for modifications during treatment course for issues such as tumor shrinkage

  • Patients experience a reduction in side effects due to the precision and accuracy sparing healthy tissue, shorter treatment time and more comfort during and after treatment

  • The helical (circular) radiation delivery is ideal for curved and elongated tumors such as breast cancer

  • Ability to treat in stereotactic mode, in which a short and intense course of therapy is administered

  • Offers a treatment option for patients who have reached previous radiation at or nearby current tumor location

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